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Peirce-Phelps stands out when it comes to serving the commercial marketplace of our region. We are trusted by architects, engineers and commercial and mechanical contractors for the experience and professional support we bring to the table. Peirce-Phelps has competitive pricing on the most desired brands plus the ability to meet any delivery schedule. We have a strong reputation of customer service spanning each project from beginning to end. We work with owners and architects to provide support and creative solutions to their commercial HVAC projects.


From conception to design, we work closely with the engineering community to assist in selecting equipment that meets the unique needs of each building. From design to purchasing, we make sure our pricing is competitive and that each customer gets what they pay for. From purchasing to installation, PeircePhelps holds job meetings to go over best work practices and proper installation and setup. From installation to equipment start-up and turnover, we are there at the end of each project to make sure the equipment operates as promised and that each owner is wholly satisfied with their new HVAC system. Our mission is to make sure that every job is a success.


Peirce-Phelps maintains an abundant inventory of commercial rooftops in many variations, making us the most reliable source for the quick unit replacement market, including a full range of accessories and system components (duct connectors, silencers, vents, louvers, exhausts and diffusers) to create complete systems packages. Our professional sales team can price out your job quickly and accurately.


Peirce-Phelps takes great pride in offering design/build solutions that customers can count on—consistently. Our expert team can put together a comprehensive heating and cooling solution that meets the unique requirements of your client’s goals and budget requirements. This is a value-added service that keeps critical decisions, equipment and all other project facets within a controlled environment.


Plan & Spec is another integral part of our business. Our products and systems occupy numerous buildings and projects throughout the MidAtlantic region. Peirce-Phelps has the products and expertise to bid complete system packages with all components, including automation. With knowledgeable and experienced sales professionals, we’re able to help match the right product to each job at the right price”